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Are you looking for something different? If you have an appetite for real adventure, Falklands Outdoors will give you the opportunity to see the Falkland Islands and its amazing wildlife from a unique angle. The itineraries we offer will give you a chance to explore untouched locations in true wilderness.

Where we are

The Falklands is often described as barren and windswept...which I guess it kind of is. However hidden behind this wild and unforgiving exterior there is something really quite special to be found. Those that are willing to step away from the beaten paths and throw themselves into a new adventure will discover the magic below the surface of this special place. This is why at Falklands Outdoors our motto is to 'explore more'. Don't just follow where others have been, but set down new tracks and experience true wilderness with real exploration and discovery on this untouched frontier.
The Falklands is an expanse of open spaces. On land this can be striking with the lack of trees almost feeling harsh... but equally spectacular with an overwhelming feeling of space and freedom. This is joined by the excitement and intimidation on the big seas with the full force of the South Atlantic and the weather systems rounding Cape Horn. Then finally even bigger skies with the starriest nights and the most striking sunsets that I've seen anywhere.

The landscape is largely made up of white grass and rolling hills with rocky outcrops. These outcrops are sometimes combined with stone runs - a local land feature where rocks seem to have been poured down the side of a hill. Where the land meets the sea the beaches are either large pebbles or brilliant white sand and the home to some of the Falkland's very special wildlife.
The Falklands has about 3000 local inhabitants with a minority who sheep farm and the rest who do all the normal jobs to maintain a small country. My family are involved in the local military and local newspaper (the Penguin News). The people of the Falklands are friendly and welcoming with a special feeling of community which is important due to the isolated location.
For travellers developments in the tourism infrastructure are continuous and are leading to more opportunities for everyone, from cruise ship day passengers to the land based traveller.

What we do

Our mission is to enable you to explore the Falkland Islands in the most unique and memorable way possible; with activities available including Kayaking, Climbing, Hill-Walking, Bespoke Wildlife Tours and Surfing, there is something for everyone. To ensure a personal and bespoke experience we deliberately keep our groups small, with a maximum of six people for each trip. We pride ourselves on the unique experiences we offer, the interests of the group will always shape the experience.

We are also an eco-friendly company, and take every step possible to minimise our impact on these beautiful islands. As you travel with us our dedication to the environment will be clear.

What you will do

What are you looking for? An introduction course, to improve your skills, to get close to wildlife, to escape for a few days? Whatever you are hoping for, we can arrange a completely unique outdoor experience for you.

What are you waiting for?


The beautiful, rugged landscapes of the Falkland Islands.


The incredible, unique wildlife roaming the Islands.


Free and pure; how life was intended to be.

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