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We want you to be able to explore the Falklands Island in the most unique and memorable way possible. Our tour guides, at Falklands Outdoors, are all passionate about their home. We cannot wait to share everything that is special about our Islands with you, and to give you a day that you will remember for a lifetime. From our 4WD tours, to all of our adventure activities, we provide something suitable for everyone. To ensure a personal and bespoke experience we deliberately keep our groups small, with a maximum of six people for each trip. We pride ourselves on the unique experiences we offer, the interests of the group we are hosting will always shape the experiences we provide. For a little insight into who may be hosting your trip, come and meet our guides!

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Daniel Biggs


Dan is the founder and owner of Falklands Outdoors. He is an experienced outdoor guide, with a wealth of historical knowledge, and a passion for his home. If you have chosen a physical activity Dan will be your guide. He maintains all of his outdoor instructor qualifications through annual trips to the UK, where he will also prioritise spending quality time with his brother in Yorkshire. Dan developed his passion for being outside when he was a child, regularly setting off on fishing and camping expeditions, riding his motorbike along dirt tracks and building dens in remote locations. A lot of inspiration came from his father. He is a qualified PE teacher, and has a regular arrangement with the school where he takes children on bespoke adventure days, and is helping to re-instigate the local Duke of Edinburgh scheme.


Ailie McIntyre

Tour Guide

Ailie is founders Dan’s sister. She is passionate about her home, and loves to show visitors what makes it so special. As a child Ailie regularly joined Dan on his camping and fishing expeditions, although she would quite often prioritise sitting outside reading a good book over catching fish! When not tour guiding, Ailie teaches in the local primary school, presents a show on local radio, and spends time with her daughter. She loves to be outside, regularly camping with her family, gardening, hiking and visiting beautiful remote locations. Having lived a number of years in the UK before she returned to the Islands, Ailie understands what a unique place she lives in, and what sets it apart from other destinations. Providing a wealth of information, with an insight into local culture, history and community, she loves the opportunity to meet new people and share with them what makes the Falklands so special.


Peter Biggs

Tour Guide

Peter Biggs is founder Dan’s father. He is an outdoors enthusiast, with a wealth of knowledge on the history and the wildlife of the Islands. As an elected MLA Peter is not always available to guide tours, but helps when he can. As a politician he regularly campaigns to protect our beautiful Islands from exploitation. As a child Peter spent time both in the Falklands Islands and living on South Georgia. From a young age he loved to be outside, skiing down mountains on South Georgia from the age of 4, and exploring remote locations on foot. Throughout his life he has always enjoyed long distance running, and still runs when he finds the time. He is very experienced in outdoor survival in extreme weather conditions, navigation, shooting and off-road driving.


Fran Biggs

Tour Guide

Fran is founder Dan’s mother. She loves the Falkland Islands, and loves the chance to show-off her beautiful home to her guests. When not working as a tour-guide Fran works for the local newspaper, the Penguin News, as an office administrator. She spends a lot of her spare time with her granddaughter and loves to share with her different little-known hidden beauty spots here in the Islands. A true Falkland Islander at heart, Fran enjoys exploring, and taking long walks across the common and through the hills. She also loves beach BBQs and wildlife spotting and has loved the kayaking trips she has taken part in. Fran bakes a lot of the sweet treats that we enjoy during “smoko,” not to be missed!

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James Cole

Tour Guide

James is a friend of Dan. He has lived in the Falkland Islands for a number of years now, and loves the freedom living in the Islands brings. He has worked as a wildlife warden for years, in local beauty spots such as Yorke Bay and Gypsy Cove, and loves meeting new people and sharing with them his wealth of experience on the local wildlife and flora and fauna.

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Rhys Clifford

Tour Guide

Lucas Biggs

Tour Guide
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Tony Ellis

Tour Guide

Alice Biggs (Clarke)

Tour Guide

Alice is Dan’s wife. She drives occasional tours and helps out from time-to-time with logistics. When not driving tours you can find Alice in her jewellery studio on Ross Road, creating some more treasures for her lucky customers to enjoy (pop in and say hi!) Being outdoors inspires a lot of her work; the kelp, the sea, the coral and wide-open spaces are all reflected in her creations. Alice loves the Falkland Islands, during her time off work she can regularly be found out kayaking with Dan, hosting beach BBQs or buzzing around the camp on her motorbike. Originally from Yorkshire, Alice moved to the Falkland Islands years ago and considers it her home. She makes regular trips back to the UK to spend time with her family, but always looks forward to returning to her magical little country.

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Jamie Peck

Tour Guide

Jamie is founder Dan’s uncle. He is passionate about the Falkland Islands, and has spent a lot of his adult life either here, living in Argentina or in the UK. He is a fluent Spanish speaker. By trade Jamie is an artist, and over the last 15 years has taken up tattooing, he is one of several tattoo artists here in the Falklands. Very knowledgeable about the Islands, and an experienced off-road driver, Jamie enjoys disappearing off for the day by himself to enjoy the great outdoors.

Our responsibility

Falklands Outdoors Environmental Guidelines

As part of our tours, you will have the opportunity to experience the amazing wildlife of the Falkland Islands up close. A sea kayak, 4wd vehicle or even by foot all offer a fantastic platform from which to see penguins, seabirds, seals, and even whales and dolphins in their natural habitat. We believe this is an amazing privilege, but with this freedom comes responsibility.

A great way to minimise our impact on coastal and marine life is to learn more about it. Knowing the breeding season of birds and seals, for instance, will help us to avoid getting too close when they are most sensitive to our presence. We believe this education is our responsibility and try and embed this in all our tours.

We are proud to be a member of 1% for the planet, where we donate at a minimum 1% of our total revenue to environmental protection. The protection of our natural environment is embedded not only in our culture but all of our trips, where fundamentally we want to inspire a connection with the natural world and nurture the understanding of its vulnerability and what we can do to make change! 


Throughout all our adventures we aim to leave the countryside cleaner than we found it.


We aim to educate groups on the countryside code and the breeding cycles of the Falklands wildlife, to ensure we have no negative impact and inspire a protecting awareness.


We aim to avoid the use of single use plastics in all our operations and packed lunches.