Stanley & Surrounding Area – Private Tour

Stanley and Surrounding Area- Guided Tour Beaches, penguins and history. Explore Stanley and the surrounding beauty spots of the Falkland Islands on our private guided tour – ‘Stanley and Surrounding Beauty Spots’. With an experienced guide by your side, you’ll get to discover some of the most breath taking sights in this stunning archipelago including […]

Kelp Point – Private 4WD Tour

Kelp Point – Southern Elephant Seals and Gentoo Penguins. An adventurous off road Journey with breathtaking wildlife experience.

Falklands Adventure Day

Falklands Adventure Day- a personal and unique adventure. To make the most of the changeable weather in the Falklands we are offering a day based around a wildlife experience and adventurous activity. You’ll have to trust us to plan the perfect day no matter what the weather.

Custom Tour

Custom Tour – Overland 4WD adventures. Trips planned for you.