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Custom Tour

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Custom Tour – Overland 4WD adventures.

Trips planned for you.

What makes the Falklands so special is the remote hidden beauty spots and wildlife havens off the beaten tourist path. We would love to plan a trip for you to some of out favorite locations – or even add an overnight expedition (with all camping equipment provided). Perfect for land-based tourists that want a more economical way to see the Falklands and are adventurous enough to get off the beaten tourist path.

Examples: Bertha’s Beach, Whale Point, Mt Usborne, Volunteer Point, Paloma Beach, Cape Dolphin, Bull Point etc.


· Completely bespoke trips planned around you.

· Getting away from the beaten tourist path to visit some of the hidden treasures of the Falklands Islands.


Meeting Point Options: Stanley- To be organised.

Duration: Depending on trip- day trip/overnight


4WD Toyota Landcruiser- comfortably seats 4.
If you would like to book for a larger group then get in touch and I will do what I can to accommodate.


  • Guiding Services
  • Private Transportation
  • Admission Fees
  • Packed lunch can be organised (contact me for preferences and dietary restrictions.) Lunch will include (or similar): Home made sandwich- cheese and tomato/ cheese and pickle/ cheese and salad, home made snack/cake, crisps or similar, piece of Fruit chocolate bar, water/tea/coffee.
  • Camping/fishing equipment provided when necessary.


We can cater for all as no specialised equipment is necessary, however we will be travelling to remote areas so please let us know if you have any medical conditions or other information we should know about, prior to booking.


The following items will make your day more comfortable. If you are having a problem obtaining any of these items, then get in touch and we will try and help you out. Cooling winds in the Falkland Islands make it easy to underestimate the sunburn hazard under the clear, unpolluted sky.

Essential Kit-

· Warm clothing/thermals/socks.

· Walking shoes or boots.

· Windproof jacket.

· Snacks and water bottle.

Sun protection- cream, hat and sunglasses (important even in cloudy conditions).

Recommended Kit-

· Warm hat and gloves.


Bertha’s Beach- £100 per person

Whale point- £130 per person

Mt Usborne (day trip/overnight)– from£150/person (min 2 persons)

Cape Dolphin (day trip/overnight)– from£150/person (min 2 persons

Volunteer Point (day trip/overnight)– from£150/person (min 2 persons)

Paloma Beach (day trip/overnight)– from£150/person (min 2 persons)

Bull Point (southwest tip of East Falklands) (day trip/overnight)– from£200/person (min 2 persons)

Discounts apply to full groups of 4
, Residents and Military.