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Mountain Biking – guided tour (3 hrs)

Come and explore Stanley and the surrounding area by mountain bike.

Mountain Biking in the Falklands:

Mountain biking is second to motocross in the Falklands, so it has never had a huge following and because of that we have no designated trails. Because of the windy climate the daunting task of peddling back into the wind this has been enough to put of all but the hardy. However, with the introduction of e-bikes this is changing. The areas surrounding Stanley towards Cape Pembroke is stunning and questionably best explored on a bike. With shipwrecks, war memorials white sandy beaches and as much wildlife as you can imagine it makes for an amazing ride.

We offer guided tours as well as rental bikes and have created some maps of Stanley and the surrounding area with some of the best routes so get in touch if you would like some more information.

This half day tour will take in all the sites of Stanley travelling through the capital and down the harbour front stopping for Smoko (traditional afternoon tea). The tour will continue with the wind on our backs pushing us towards the stunning views and pristine white sandy beaches of Gypsy Cove and Yorke Bay. A visit to the Magellanic and Gentoo penguins and then we will continue down towards the Cape Pembroke lighthouse viewpoint.

£90/person– regular mtb

£110/person- eBike (4 eBikes available)

Minimum booking of 2 Maximum booking of 8 

Group Bookings: 4+
£65/person- regular
£80/person– eBike

All prices are for guided tours including transport. See the equipment hire section for bike rental.