Hill Walking

Hill Walking – guided hill walking/battlefield tour (3hrs). Explore the hills around Stanley.


Fishing – Falklands river fishing experience (4-6 hrs) The rivers of the Falklands offer world class fishing opportunities.

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking – guided tour (3 hrs) Come and explore Stanley and the surrounding area by mountain bike.


Climbing – The Falklands climbing experience (3-4 hrs) The Falklands is not well known for its rock climbing but there is plenty to be found.

Falklands Adventure Day

Falklands Adventure Day- a personal and unique adventure. To make the most of the changeable weather in the Falklands we are offering a day based around a wildlife experience and adventurous activity. You’ll have to trust us to plan the perfect day no matter what the weather.

Equipment Hire

Equipment Hire- kayaking, mountain biking & camping. To give you more options for outdoor activities and experiences during your stay in the Falklands.