Terms and Conditions

 Thank you for making a booking with Biggs Ltd trading as Falklands Outdoors. Before you start, there are a few guidelines listed below which will help to ensure your booking runs smoothly. Please read through these carefully and if there are any areas you would like to discuss further then please let us know.


All activities need to be pre-booked (unless otherwise stated) and bookings can be made by telephone, email, in-person or online. Your booking is confirmed, and payment is due upon receiving a booking confirmation and/or these terms and conditions. Biggs Ltd will issue a receipt upon request. The Centre reserves the right to decline any booking at its discretion.


Payment can be made with use of major credit and debit cards OR via bank transfer. Cash & Personal cheques are only accepted with prior arrangement. Invoiced payment must be made within the time specified on the invoice normally prior to booking commencement date. The Customer is responsible for confirming the group numbers at least 3 days before the Activity. Biggs Ltd reserves the right to review it’s pricing at anytime. Biggs Ltd reserves the right to withhold without limitation certificates, qualifications or similar until full payment of the Activity charge is received. All areas shall be left in the state they were found prior to the booking. If any additional cleaning, waste removal or repairs are necessary beyond what is reasonably expected for normal business additional charges are payable within 14days.


Cancellation of a booking must be made in writing. For cancellations with less than 24 hours notice, please contact the Centre direct by phone. If the cancellation date is over 3 days prior to the activity commencement date, alternative dates OR course credit OR full refund minus administration fees (£10) will be offered. For all cancellations an administration fee will be charged. Cancellations within 2 days if below £200 booking value and 3 days  if over £200, are charged at the full rate and non refundable. In the case of a Cruise ship –Flexi booking then if the cruise ship doesn’t make it to port a full refund will be offered minus administration fee. Activities operate in all weather conditions. Biggs Ltd will use reasonable endeavour. However, Biggs Ltd reserves the right to change an activity due to adverse weather conditions, safety risks or numbers fail to reach a viable minimum. Should Biggs Ltd be unable to fulfil a booking, every effort will be made to give at least 24 hours notice and reschedule the activity. Biggs Ltd, at it’s discretion, can cancel a booking and refuse to allow participation on the grounds of age, ill health, inexperience, and suspected influence of alcohol or drugs, irresponsible or abusive behaviour or any reason that may affect the safety of any persons to ensure activities take place. 

Where such circumstances occur Biggs Ltd will not be liable to pay a refund, expenses or compensation. For transfers on to another Activity or date, a decision will be made on an individual basis. does so may require payment of any additional Activity charge as appropriate. Biggs Ltd may at it’s absolute discretion agree to a request to transfer between Activities and where it Requests to change group size numbers must be submitted at least 72hrs prior to Activity commencement. Biggs Ltd will inform the Customer of it’s acceptance or rejection. Additional numbers will be charged at the price at the time of original booking. For a reduction in numbers Biggs Ltd reserves the right at its own discretion to charge for the number previously confirmed. If the number is not confirmed at the start of the course the number stated on the confirmation of booking will be charged.


All Customers shall listen carefully to and follow the instructions of Biggs Ltd staff and abide by any particular rules for carrying out of an Activity and shall not interfere with the enjoyment of other Customers whether taking part in the same or another Activity. Customers participating must expect activity to be physically demanding. Although prior experience is not always necessary an adequate level of fitness is required. For water activities the Customer must be water confident. When asked, all Customers are required to complete and sign a participation questionnaire prior to attending a course/activity. The Customer must declare any previous injuries or surgery and details of any current medical prescriptions. Any change in medical circumstances occurring between the time of declaration and the commencement of course/activity must be reported to the Centre.

Failure to complete the declaration will result customers not being able to participate in activities. Biggs Ltd supplies participation consent forms for all participants less than 18 years of age for their Parent(s)/Guardian(s) to complete. No participation can be granted unless this form is completed and received. The decisions of Biggs Ltd staff are made with your safety in mind. No disruptive or abusive behaviour will be tolerated and in such instant, your activity will be declined without refund. All activity group sizes are generated based on a staff: participant ratio. Group leaders are included in this ratio.


All pastoral care is the responsibility of teachers or leaders for the entire duration of your stay, unless otherwise stated. No alcohol is permitted during overnight stays. We also do not allow inebriated customers on site. All camping areas must be returned to their original state, found on arrival.

This extends to all kitchen & classroom areas and must be cleaned before departure time. Any damages to equipment will be chargeable to the customer and will have to be paid within 14 days. Biggs Ltd reserves the right to allow multiple bookings for other site users. This will be facilitated by the duty staff onsite.


Biggs Ltd shall inform Customers prior to booking of any prerequisites of participation by the Customer in the Activity which may include without limitation the holding of particular qualifications or particular fitness levels or being of a certain minimum age. All courses are non-residential unless otherwise stated. The Centre can provide an accommodation list on request. Biggs Ltd may remove and store any property left by a customer after the completion of the Activity. If after receiving notice, the Customer fails to collect the property within 7 days, Biggs Ltd may dispose of the property without further notice. Active Nation does not accept responsibility for the loss or damage to property on the premises, nor do Biggs Ltd accept responsibility for illness, injury or death on the premises, unless caused by our own negligence. Personal information requested by Biggs Ltd at the time of booking will be held securely and not divulged to any other parties. Information supplied by the Customer may be used for future correspondence about offers either by post, text, phone call or email. Smoking is not permitted inside or on the grounds of any Biggs Ltd facility. The use of photographic or video equipment is not permitted within changing rooms or toilets. Relevant Falkland Islands/England law shall apply to these terms and conditions and the relevant courts of the Falkland Islands/England shall have exclusive jurisdiction to deal with any disputes arising in relation to it. Participation in adventurous activities entails some risk of injury. All staff employed by Biggs Ltd are trained and appropriately qualified to run activity sessions and will at all times proceed in a manor to limit the risk of injury. However, customers need to accept that accidents and injuries can happen.


Biggs Ltd always welcomes feedback from Customers. We will issue a supporter feedback form and these forms are checked at the end of each course. All complaints are dealt with in accordance with Biggs Ltd Complaints procedure.


Terms and Conditions 2023- Biggs Ltd.

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